Dave LaRue Week

Dave LaRue Week kicks off with a private Skype bass lesson give-away. Anyone can enter, but only one leaves. I’m not sure that makes sense. You get the idea. Our team of highly trained ferrets…

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Band Member of the Week

Each week, up until the album release, we’ll highlight each band member for one week. Get closer to the artists and their music with Q&A’s, private lessons, contests, exclusive audio, instructional video and more! Dave…

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Pre-Order Shop

Check out the pre-order shop at Mascot. Get the regular CD, Special Edition or Vinyl Edition with free posters and t-shirts. Action figures not included.

It’s On!

Announcing Flying Colors, the new band from Steve Morse, Casey McPherson, Neal Morse, Dave LaRue and Mike Portnoy. Check back soon for the latest news, music, behind-the-scenes videos and maybe action figures. Maybe.

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