Reviews Round 2! Fight!


Explicitly Intense “The DVD portion of this release is nothing short of spectacular, as “Second Flight: Live At The Z7” comes to life with Flying Colors’ strong stage performance, and again, the production of the…

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First Reviews Are In!


Bloody Good Music “Second Flight: Live at the Z7” is a fine example of what a live album should be.” Metal Wani “There are tears, smiles, laughs and what not. Five lives, overflowing with experiences,…

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Kayla Joins the 4K Video Club

Flying Colors’ unofficial anthem arrives as a 4K music video from our upcoming live 4K/Blu-ray/DVD/Haberdashery — Second Flight: Live at the Z7. Kayla was the first song written, as a band, by Flying Colors. It regales the…

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Behold the 4K Live Video for Mask Machine

What’s the best 4,000 of anything? Beautiful sunrises? Trained alpacas? Doritos*? If you answered “vertical lines of video resolution for a music video” then you’re in luck. From out award-awaiting concert 4K/Blu-ray/DVD/LP/Sandwich, Second Flight: Live…

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Grand Prize Winner is Happy


Congratulations to the grand prize winner of our Nesmith fan appreciation awards, Nick Bonsanto, and his girlfriend Andy, for receiving the autographed Musicman guitar! Here’s Nick’s story in his own words: When Flying Colors came…

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