Live Interview with You on Reddit

When: Friday, November 27 at 3PM Eastern Standard Time; 8PM GMT


What: A live interview with the full band on Reddit’s IAmA forum, where you ask the questions. Well, not just you. And not you if you’re not there. So be there! Ask Mike about his beard! Ask Neal about Mike’s beard. Ask Steve about his jet fighter (seriously). Ask Dave about his helper monkey (not so much.) Ask Casey about his hat. Ask his hat about Casey. Ask Bill about writing this instead of his thesis.

Don’t know about Reddit? It’s website where people create communities to talk about stuff. That’s 36 million users and 10,277 communities. It’s the 33rd largest website in the world. You can read more about Reddit here. Other almost-as-noteworthy guests on IAmA include President Obama, Bill GatesBuzz Aldrin, Sir David Attenborough,  Harrison Ford, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Click on their names to see their interviews with Reddit users. Some are pretty interesting.)

So how do you participate?

  1. Go here to join Reddit:
  2. Create an account. Takes 10 seconds, is free, and you don’t need to give our your email address.
  3. Go to IAMA channel:
  4. Click on the link for the Flying Colors AMA. This link will only be there on Friday at 3PM.
  5. Ask us about anything!

Questions? Post a question on our Facebook page.

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