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One of the best debuts by a band you may ever lay ears upon. — Rock Guitar Daily

An hour of the most exquisite music I have heard in a long time which deserves to be absolutely massive. — Rock Gig

Flying Colors is phenomenal. — Antietam Music Review

This album is packed full of variety, fantastically good songs, great vocals and musicianship. (5/5) — Festivalphoto

Album of the month. — Drummer Magazine

Wow!  This disc grabs you by the ears and takes you on a sonic roller coaster ride that leaves you blissfully exhausted when the final notes are played. — Boomerocity.com

Flying Colors is destined to be hailed as a classic right out the gate. (5/5)  MuzikReviews.com

Flying Colors hits a home run with their debut album. — Zoiks! Online

The star-studded album supplies exceptional beautiful songs with depth and melody, a commercial touch and an uncanny much enthusiasm. Metal-inside.de [German]

[A] very strong candidate for the best album of the year. (10/10) — The Metropolis Music [Portuguese]

Truly outstanding. — Rhythm Magazine

An absolute must for any discerning listener rock music, and all the metalheads who like to look outside the box. (10/10) — Rockandrollcircus.de [German]

An incredible album. — Guitar & Bass

 An album packed with multigenerational sonic majesty, with a fresh perspective. (9.5/10) — Metalholic.co

The rich variety of interaction and intensity throughout the the album shows an almost indescribable joy of making music together — Rocktimes.de [German]

The songs are very versatile and delivered with such precision and brilliance as you would expect from these superb musicians. (9/10) — Metal Express Radio

The anticipation felt by fans worldwide is worthy of the wait. — Sonic Shocks

A masterpiece of an album. (9/10) — Planet Mosh

The name is a good description: to do with flying colors means with great success. — gaesteliste.de [German]

Pick of the month. (4.5/5) — The Phantom Tollbooth.

This debut release is as good as it gets for any current or past music lover. — MusicStreetJournal

As you’d expect, the songs are all well-crafted and the playing is top-notch. — PowerPlay