Announcing Second Flight: Live at the Z7

Hey, so we’ve got a new live release, Second Flight: Live at the Z7. It’s an action-packed, (mostly) Adam Sandler-free romp through Second Nature, with copious diversions from our first album. We filmed it on only the eighth show of our 2014 tour, at the Z7 in Switzerland. Second Nature had only been out a week, so the music was fresh for everyone. Like, minty fresh.

It was especially exciting because we had just performed many of these songs for the first time, days before. — Steve

We had a blast playing these tunes and can’t wait for you to hear them…you can feel the excitement! — Casey

Flying Colors is like no other band to perform with. This tour was all about the joy of playing together, and sharing new songs with fans. Everyone felt something special that night, and I’m so glad we captured it. — Dave

So get ready. Steve. Mike. Neal. Dave. Casey. His hat. They’re all back and better than ever for a full-on assault of progressive rock majesty.

But you expected that. There’s virtuoso technology, as well, though. For starters, you can choose where you listen from in the Z7. The Audio Menu shows you a map of the venue, and you can hang at the front of the stage, or right behind the soundboard (where Rich Mouser plies his trade). In each place, you’ll get a completely different 5.1 surround mix. And possibly Rich’s untouched Strawberry Daiquiri. (Rich, are you gonna drink that?)

In another first, you can listen to an audio-only version of the show on headphones—but still experience a full 5.1 mix. We’re calling the technology, Headphone Surround. Mostly because we’re not contractually obligated to be creative until the next album. We mastered it at 24-bit / 48kHz, which you can grab directly from our label.

We also did a separate mix and master at 24-bit / 192 kHz for insane audiophile quality. And you can snag it from snooty digital audio providers such as Pono. (It’s 8GB of just audio. That’s more than the entire DVD of Independence Day – plus the extras where Will Smith figures out that Bill Pullman was switched with Bill Paxton about 2/3 through the movie. Google it.)

All of the show’s audio was produced using a newfangled audio technology called Harmonic Phrase Analysis, which was developed by Flying Colors’ own producer at Manchester Metropolitan University. Which is apparently an accredited university. (That’s their slogan.) According to the brochure, “Harmonic Phrase Analysis reduces the unwanted processing normally associated with contemporary live recordings, imparting a more organic feel to the sound field.” And just to be sure, every format of the show was separately mastered to delicious, 2-inch analogue tape for incredible warmth and tasty goodness.

Second Flight: Live at the Z7 will be released by Mascot Label Group on November 13, 2015, and includes this companion book:


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