Best Buy Contest Winners Announced

Two weeks ago, we announced a contest for 20 fans to have their BestBuy CD autographed by the band. We received a metric ton of entries, and inexplicably, photos of people’s kittens. Cute stuff. Anyway, the winners are:

  1. Bill Young
  2. Jeffrey Hermosura
  3. Jason Kristeller
  4. Daniel Kennerly
  5. Robert Richards
  6. Brian Coletti
  7. Robert Melzer
  8. Mark Hokanson
  9. Josh Cunningham
  10. Dan Demsky
  11. George Fan
  12. Paul Admoshick
  13. Matthew Phillips
  14. Travis Geiman
  15. Drew Greco
  16. Robert Backer
  17. John Eberl
  18. Tim Gourley
  19. Geoffrey Bryant
  20. Andy Toulas
If your name is on this list, email us with the subject, “BestBuy Contest Winner.”
A big thank you to all who entered, and to everyone who supported us and got the CD. We’ll be back with more contests, soon.

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