Casey Answers! Part I

Vinnie Raghavan
Casey, I hear some brilliant effects on vocals, can you please give us information on your favorite processors that you would use live and in the studio? Thanks….awesome job on Flying Colors by the way! Have become a huge fan of your voice.

I love old compressors and old tape delays. A comp that really responds to db range, that changes your tone and breaks up a bit when you hit it hard is my favorite. Like the Shure Level loc. The delays are Michael Brauer’s specialty.

Kit Tonkin
Hi Casey, first of all I’ve been completely blown away with your performance on what I’ve heard of this album. I was not at all familiar with any of your previous work and your voice is simply amazing. I was just wondering if you wrote the majority of the vocal lines and lyrics for the album, and if so, how you went about it (i.e. if there are any common lyrical themes throughout, whether you wrote lyrics to music or vice-versa, etc.)

Kit, we wrote everything together. But I spent a lot of time on the melody first, lyrics second. More often than not, a lyric will come out of sounds starting from the melody for me. Then, I just need to start figuring out what the hell I’m singing about!

Steven Scheifley
Here’s my question for Casey. Being that he and I were from Lake Jackson, TX, home of Dow (my father was a chemical engineer), were you born at the old Freeport municipal hospital and if so, did Dr. Ron Paul (presidential candidate) deliver you like he delivered me?

No, but he did give a speech at my highschool graduation. Rock on Ron Paul. He’s crazy, but we need crazy.

Kyle Davis
Casey! I own all the Alpha Rev stuff, even the rare Blue Songs and Red Songs discs! I gladly pledged to your latest album a few months ago and love it. My question is, on the Endochine album you have the original version of “Stand Around” (“A New Beginning”)… I’m curious why you decided to do a new version. I’m glad you did because the guitar on “Stand Around” gives me chills every time, but not because of the solo line but actually because of the backing chords you chose to use behind the solo. It all just fits. I’d love to get your insight into that song. Thanks so much Casey, and the Alpha Rev boys can come to New England soon, so I can use my pledge tier to meet you all! -Kyle

Kyle, that’s awesome man. “New Beginning” was never a finished song. It was the last song I wrote with Endochine, and I felt like it was more of an Alpha Rev tune. So I decided to finish it and put it out on our first record.

Sebastián Luna
Hi Casey! What are your thoughts about your music been downloaded / shared “illegally” over the internet?

My thoughts—I don’t download music for free, unless the artist is offering it for free. Purchasing/not purchasing music is not about whether or not it’s illegal, it’s about whether or not you’re supporting the artists of the music you love. It’s got to be a symbiotic relationship between the fan and the writer, otherwise it doesn’t work for very long.

Casody Lawrence
Does Casey play guitar hero and if so, what is his favourite song to play on?

No. I suck at guitar hero!

Shane Edmundson
Casey, what musical gear do you use in Flying Colors? Guitars, keys, etc. I’d appreciate any help, Sir.:)

I used a 79 Les Paul Custom, Line 6 M9, Ibanez and Aria distortions, and a Taylor acoustic for guitar stuff. For keys, I use a controller, but sound-wise I used alot of Fxpansion DCAM synth squad. Great stuff!

Scott Berrian
I have a question: Casey, as a fellow left handed guitar player…were you pushed to learn “the right way” when you started out? And what are your favorite guitars?

Yes, but I couldn’t. Felt wrong. My favorite guitar is a Tom Holmes Custom that has a broken neck right now… oops.

Jeremy Reed
What’s your proudest vocal moment on this record? And are there any takes on the record that have funny stories attached to them?

My favorite moment on the record was “All Falls Down”. I felt like it really stretched me as a singer. Funny stories? One time I tried to scream at a part in a song and I sounded more like a dying baby.

Ken Bledsoe
Casey, what did you eat for breakfast this morning?

A blueberry muffin. Everyday, without exception.

Ethan Sherman
How did the band deal with conflicts and compromises when writing the album?

It’s just like a good marriage. Give and take, leave your egos at the front door.

Alejandro Ele Be Who’s your favourite singer ever?

Thom York.

Nest Cabrero Martin
Hey, Casey! New fan of your voice here. I’ve been wondering who are your main influences as a singer, and who are your favorite singers nowadays? Thanks for the awesome music!

I started with Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Steve Miller… then worked into Radiohead, Creeper Lagoon, and Jeff Buckley.

Josh Almond & Carlos Rodríguez
Your vocals for the song “Kayla” still ring in my head from the Flying Colors video. What is your favorite song on the album?

My favorite song is “Love”.

Adam Svender
2 quick questions: Dark Side of the Moon or The Wall? Why?

Dark Side of the Moon.. because that’s where I’ve lived for much of my life.

Dean Kurtz
Do you do any Tiny Tim covers?

No… but you have me thinking about it.

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