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The Making of Flying Colors
Release date : Aug. 30, 2012
Label : Radiant Records

Every decade, one film comes along that defines a generation. A movie that collectively captures the world’s imagination, uniting and redefining who we are as the human race.

This is not that film.

But if you want to see how renown artists and a legendary English producer join together to create an album of extraordinary, unforgettable music, then see Let It Be. If you’ve already seen it, then why not check out The Making of Flying Colors? We can promise for certain it will arrive on a DVD.

Go behind the scenes and watch the band’s songs come to life through the extraordinary collaborative process that unfolded as the artists grew to know each other musically, as well as personally. Against the ticking clock, watch as Neal, Mike, Casey, Dave, Steve and Peter defy the odds, creating one of the year’s most acclaimed albums in an incredible nine days. Experience the candid moments, lost ideas, original performances, frustrations, joy, reflections and friendships as they happened. See where it all came from, and how it became Flying Colors.

  • 60 Minutes NTSC Region-free DVD (plays worldwide)
  • Includes the bonus feature, Souls of Darkness, an exhilarating documentary about the making of The Making of Flying Colors.*

*No, it doesn’t.