True Colors: The Original Sound of The First Album

True Colors

It’s here! The original sound of the first Flying Colors album, before it was mastered in the loudness wars of contemporary commercial releases.

True Colors is the raw master created by legendary mix engineer and possible Faustian bargain-maker Michael Brauer. It’s what the band heard in the studio.

How close is it to the commercial master? It’s close, but noticeable. You can hear Kayla in the Trailer, minus the bridge (unless you wanted a five-minute trailer). It’s only YouTube-quality audio, but gives you an idea what to expect.

You probably already bought the commercial release, so True Colors is an $8 digital download. (Tax not included; varies by location.) The download is 1GB, and includes:

• The original, raw 16-bit WAV files.
• Uncompressed FLAC.
• 320 Kbps MP3 files.
• 256 Kbps iTunes/AAC files.

And a 102 page (51 spreads) digital booklet in Ultra HD. It’s packed with all-new artwork, an award-awaiting new cover by Bill, and 50 unreleased photos from the making of the album.

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